We know that your customer requires confidence in the garments they order.  Let’s face it, for some people customising a garment can be daunting.

Having samples available to you and your customer, is arguably the most important tool to help you close any sale.

We hold a vast amount of samples in stock.  The samples are unbranded and come in a range of designs, fabrics and sizes.

Sending samples to your customer is very important for the following reasons..

1.  They are able to gauge the sizes they will require to order with 100% accuracy.  No size charts or guessing!  Get your customer to try on the samples with their team.
2. They are able to touch and feel the garment they are about to order.. this gives them extra confidence in you and the process.
3. We send a mix of fabrics with every sample order… this way the customer can choose which fabric they prefer.
4. The customer is able to look at different neckline options to ensure they know exactly what they will be getting once they receive their order.  No one like surprises!
5. Some customers are not aware of sublimation and what this means.. samples help them understand what sublimation is and the almost unlimited options with it.  No embroidery, screen printing or heat pressing!
6. We send samples out the door very fast.  Your customer, in most cases will receive the samples overnight.  A fast and efficient service to your customer will increase your chance of closing the sale.
7. Once the customer receives the samples, it gives you the chance to call them and discuss the samples.  This builds trust between you both.

We will not send you invoices for the samples you request.  We know how annoying this can be.. but we will pester you until they are returned!

Simply call or email us for the samples you require and we can either send them to you or direct to your customer.

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